XL Systems are installed and connected in parallel to existing facility electrical distribution systems in any of the following ways:

  • Centrally on Main Distribution Panels (MDP) located at utility service entrance(s),
  • Distributed on subpanels closer to equipment loads,
  • Locally at equipment loads on the line side of controllers like Variable Speed Drives (VFD), Motor Control Centers (MCC),
  • Directly on large inductive loads and
  • any or all of the above. 



  • XL Systems can be easily expanded at any time just by adding XL modules.
  • XL Systems can be relocated at any time should a facility’s electrical conditions and/or operational loads change after initial installation.
  • XL Systems can be installed with very little to no interruption of facility operations. 
  • Approximately 95% of all installation work occurs while a facility is in operation. 
  • Some XL Systems require that electric service be momentarily turned off at main breakers while final connections between XL System locations and the facility electrical system are made.


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