POWERGEN manages all XL System installations from start to finish with certified commercial electricians who are experienced in installing this technology in commercial and industrial facilities. 

Primary installation steps include:

  • STEP 1: Installation Plan
    • Based on physical inspection and 24x7 facility electrical recordings determine optimal locations in facility to install XL modules, including XL module types and # per location and method of connection to existing electrical system for each location.  
    • Complete an installation walk through of all install locations with customer’s facility manager and schedule a convenient day and time to connect the XL System to facility electrical system.
    • Procure all necessary XL products and electrical materials
  • STEP 2: XL System Rough-In (95% of install work)
    • Locate optimal XL install locations and anchor all XL modules, XL breaker sub-panels, XL fused disconnect switches, wire and conduit up to the electrical system connection point.
    • Connect XL modules to 70A to 100A breakers located in XL sub-panels and to 100A fuses located in XL disconnect switches.
  • STEP 3: Final Connection (5% of install work)
    • Reconfirm final connection day and time with customer.
    • Connect all XL Sub-panels and XL Disconnect Switches to facility electrical distribution system.
    • Prepare As-Built Drawings (if necessary)