Turnkey Pricing

POWERGEN energy managers configure and price Turnkey XL Energy Conservation & Protection Systems (XL Systems) for single facility customers and multi-facility customers. POWERGEN also supports turnkey facility roll-out programs for customers who have multiple facilities. 

Installation and performance testing services are included in XL System turnkey pricing, this allows POWERGEN to maintain a single point of accountability for customers.  Bundled services include procurement, electrical installation, commissioning, Timed Interval Sampling (TIS) testing, verification of energy cost savings in utility bills during the performance measurement period and any technical support that may be required.

Turnkey XL System prices include the following line items:

  • XL Modules
  • All Electrical Materials
  • Installation Labor
  • Shipping
  • Sales Tax (unless exempt - see sales Tax Tab in left column)
  • Commissioning
  • Post Install TIS Performance Testing
  • Post Install Verification of Energy Cost Savings in Utility Bills

Purchase Options

  • POWERGEN is paid directly by customer.
  • Many customers tend to pay cash for XL Systems while other customers would rather have the cash flow benefit that comes with financing XL Systems via a capital lease with a $ buyout.


  • POWERGEN is paid directly by Leasing Company upon customer approval.
  • POWERGEN has leasing companies who are experienced in putting together lease financing for XL Energy Conservation projects.
  • Customers who finance XL Systems like the benefit of putting that XL System cash outlay to work elsewhere in the company, like in capital equipment or facility upgrades. Particularly since monthly XL System lease payments can be covered by monthly energy cost savings as outlined below.      
  • Most customers elect to have monthly lease payments covered by monthly energy cost savings which is a function of selecting the correct lease term.  For example, the Customer Lease Example in left column is a 24 month lease term for an XL System that had ROI payback period of 1.98 years.  So monthly energy cost savings practically pays for the monthly lease payment except for $319 per month in interest.