USES® Energy Conservation & Protection Systems are installed in a variety of industries and facilities. In the left column is a partial list of other satisfied customers.

Below are 4 of our customers with reference information and installation pics. 

The Washington Post

"The 2010 installation of the Power Shaver energy saving and surge protection USES® technology in The Washington Post Springfield, Virginia printing plant has proven to be much more valuable than we had anticipated. The actual energy reductions and savings have exceeded the proposed expectations providing for an even shorter payback than we had anticipated. The Power Shaver system has provided many benefits in an environmentally friendly manner, and it has proven to be a valuable asset to our operations and The Washington Post’s efforts to preserve our natural resources."

Facility Manager

The Washington Post, Springfield VA Plant


“The POWERGEN energy conservation system actually has improved the operation of other plant equipment. As I am sure you know, power quality here leaves a lot to be desired. Since installing the System we have seen a marked improvement in plant equipment.  The cost savings has been consistent. The only fluctuation is due to the fact that we run our plant air conditioning system for a 4 month period.  This causes a fluctuation in savings but that’s only because the way the System is designed the more power you use the more you actually save.  The payback on our System will be less than 2 years."

Facility Manager

Roll-Kraft, Mentor OH

CWRU Bio-Medical Research Building (BRB)

“The POWERGEN Energy Conservation & Protection System installed in the Case Western Reserve University’s Biomedical Research Building (BRB) significantly improved the operational efficiency of connected loads, power factor and energy savings in this 12 story medical research building.  The CWRU energy conservation program entailed the distribution and connection of (19) CMES 3D-480V modules and (2) XL 3D-480V modules to the CWRU electrical distribution system which includes a central electrical vault containing (2) large Main Substations which are divided into (4) smaller Substations (Sub1, Sub2, Sub3, Sub4).”

Marriott Resort & Spa

"It was determined that the USES® power enhancement system was reducing the bill in three distinct ways; by reducing total kilowatt hours by 10.4%, by reducing the total demand charge by .03%, and by increasing the power factor credit by 1.8%. This translated into an average overall reduction of 12.23% on the total bill. Having been so impressed with its performance, we are looking forward to utilizing the USES® technology with our other organizations."

Facility Manager

Guam Marriott Resort & Spa