POWERGEN bundles an array of professional services into every "Turnkey" XL Energy Conservation & Protection System, including:

Pre-Installation Services:

  • Analyze Most Recent Utility Bills (12 consecutive months)
  • Analyze 1-Line electrical drawings (if available)
  • Measure existing electrical system for 1 week with Data Logging Meter  
  • Design integrated XL Energy Conservation System
  • Determine XL System “Performance Specification”
  • Determine installation plan and schedule

Procurement Services:

  • Obtain purchase order from customer then procure a turnkey XL System, including all necessary products, materials and electrical installation services required to achieve the system performance specification

Installation Services

  • Finalize installation plan and schedule with customer
  • Integrate / install XL system into existing electrical system
  • Prepare As-Built Drawings (if necessary)

Verification Services

  • Test XL System via Timed Interval Sampling (TIS) Testing
  • Submit TIS performance report to customer
  • Analyze new monthly utility bills and verify XL System Performance
  • Submit monthly verification reports to customer

Post Install Support Services

  • Warranty Support
  • Technical Support