• As Power Generators, XL modules can generate up to 7,000 Watts per hour per module from magnetic fields in conductors via electro-magnetic induction (EMI). XL power (Watts) is supplied to downstream loads which in turn reduces billed kWh consumption and kW demand upstream at the utility billing meter ultimately reducing billed electric cost.

XL System power generation accounts for approximately 70% of the total energy cost savings.

  • As Power Conditioners, XL modules continuously filter and absorb “wasted power” inherent in all electrical systems such as voltage and current transients, harmonics, line noise, etc. and convert it to “usable power” to be consumed by downstream loads.  

XL modules also balance phase voltage and amperage transients within and between coupled conductor mains and they also correct power factor.

The usable power recovered through power conditioning and power factor correction also displaces and therefore reduces billed kWh consumption, kW demand and kVAR reactive demand upstream at the utility billing meter which ultimately reduces billed electric cost.

XL System power conditioning accounts for approximately 30% of the total energy cost savings.

  • As Protection Systems, XL modules provide 24x7 protection for facility electrical systems including main distribution gear and connected equipment loads as well as sensitive CNC machines, computers and communication equipment from harmful electrical conditions like current and voltage spikes, surges and lags, lighting strikes and other irregularities caused by utility providers and adjacent electricity consumers on the power grid.  

The protection of capital investments like facility systems (infrstructure), production equipment, computers, main distribution gear and in some cases work-in-process and final product inventory can be priceless. The ROI payback for some installed XL Systems has been immediate.