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POWERGEN is a prime distributor and integrator of USES® XL-Series products, an industry leading all-in-one Power Generator, Power Conditioner and Protection solution used by electricity consumers worldwide.

POWERGEN integrates turnkey XL Energy Conservation & Protection Systems (XL Systems) for customers in North America, including single and multi-facility customers of all sizes.

XL Systems are scalabe maintenance free modules that are connected together in parallel to existing facility electrical systems.

 Primary benefits:

  • ENERGY SAVINGS is a verifiable reduction in billed kWh consumption and kW demand upstream at the facility billing meter. Depending on the facility's operational and electrical conditions, our customers have realized a range of annual energy savings:   

NORMAL 8% to 12% Energy Savings and 16-24 Mth ROI payback. 


SUPERIOR 13% to 17% Energy Savings and < 16 Mth ROI payback. 


EXCEPTIONAL 17% to 24% Energy Savings and < 12 Mth ROI payback. 


  • INCREASED ENERGY EFFICIENCY XL Systems extend life span of connected loads which can help reduce maintenance cost and facility / equipment downtime.
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION XL Systems protect electrical systems and connected loads from damaging electrical irregularities caused inside the facility from other equipment and outside the facility from adjacent consumers on the grid.

Click this link ENERGY $ SAVINGS / ROI to review NORMAL, SUPERIOR and EXCEPTIONAL savings levels and the conditions that can impact them.