1. Energy Savings of 8% to 12% (NORMAL) or More.

Each facility is unique in terms of electrical conditions, operating hours (load run time), inductive and capacitive loads, and billing rates and tariffs.  Likewise, verified energy savings of XL Systems are just as unique because they too are based on facility conditions.

Energy saving performance levels are attributable to an XL System's ability to reduce billed KW demand, KWH consumption, KVAR reactive demand, current (Amps) and improving power factor.

Historical data shows XL System customers fall into 1 of the 3 performance levels in terms of verified energy savings and ROI payback periods.

  • NORMAL Energy Savings

The majority of XL System customers verified at least 8% to 12% reduction in annual billed electric cost with an ROI payback period of 16 to 24 months. 

  • Superior Energy Savings

Other XL System customers verified a 13% to 17% reduction in annual billed electric cost with an ROI payback period < 16 months. 

  • Exceptional Energy Savings

A few XL System customers verified >17% reduction in annual billed electric cost with an ROI payback period <12 months.


5 Methods Reduce kW and kWh and XL Energy Savings Matrix

2.  Reduced Facility Maintenance Cost

XL Systems provide continuous power conditioning 24x7 which reduces billed kW demand and kWh consumption and increases the operational efficiency of inductive loads and extends the life span.

Increasing the efficiency of inductive loads can reduce facility maintenance cost because costly premature motor rebuilds and replacements are reduced.  Reducing scheduled and unscheduled equipment maintenance helps decrease costly equipment and/or facility downtime which can be costly.

3.  Increased Capacity of Existing Electrical System and Service

XL Systems can increase the capacity of existing main electrical gear (MDP) and supply service by reducing facility current (Amps) and KW demand, KWH consumption, KVAR reactive demand, KVA apparent power. 

Increasing electrical system capacity can range anywhere from 10% to 20% which means more room for connected loads to operate and the ability to connect new loads without costly upgrades to existing electrical gear and supply service.    

4.  Continuous Protection of Electrical System and Connected Loads

XL Systems provide continuous protection 24x7 to electrical distribution systems including, main distribution gear, connected facility loads and capital equipment loads from damaging electrical conditions such as transients, current spikes, voltage surges and lags, harmonics, line noise, lightning strikes and other irregular conditions caused by utility providers and adjacent consumers on the power grid. 

Some XL Systems have paid for themselves due to one electrical incident where an XL System protected capital equipment and/or inventory (cold storage) from being damaged or destroyed.