POWERGEN energy tech setting up data logging meters to record potential customer's electrical system for a 24x7 period.

POWERGEN will determine your facility’s energy cost savings opportunity upfront for no financial risk or commitment to proceed beyond the initial data collection and evaluation process below. 

Our process takes 9-10 days to complete and will require little to no time on your part.

This risk-free incentive allows potential customers like you to make informed decisions about their facility’s energy conservation opportunity and the XL System that was configured based on actual electrical conditions and operational load run times recorded at your facility for a 24x7 period.


To Get Started, POWERGEN Just Needs:

  • 12 consecutive months of recent electric bills (all pages) this can be emailed.
  • Access to the facility electrical system so it can be measured and recorded for one (1) full week 24x7.  The process involves connecting data logging meter(s) to Main Distribution Panel(s) located at utility service entrance(s) then disconnecting them 1 week later.     


Once POWERGEN understands your facility’s billing history, electrical distribution system, operational load conditions and energy conservation opportunities, POWERGEN will configure a beneficial XL Energy Conservation & Protection System (XL System) tailored to your facility.  

Additionally, you will also receive a turn-key XL System proposal that will include the following valuable information:

  • Measurement of your facility electrical system / 24x7 period
  • Operational load profile of your facility / 24x7 period
  • Energy inefficiencies of your facility / 24x7 period
  • XL System design
  • XL System installation plan
  • XL System performance testing schedule
  • XL System “Performance Specification” guaranteeing to reduce facility’s annual energy costs by a stated dollar ($) amount and ROI payback period.

The pics above show how POWERGEN energy technicians measure the electrical systems of potential customers.  Most of these facilities had multiple utility service entrances which required meters to be setup at each location.  Metering locations are always closed-up and cordoned off prior to leaving the facility for 1 week while recording.