TIS Case Study of 500 HP DC Induction Motor

TIS Data Logging Meter Connected to MDP in Electrical Vault

POWERGEN measures real-time performance of XL Systems using Timed Interval Sampling (TIS) testing techniques to verify customers are achieving the energy cost savings and load efficiencies contained in the customer’s XL System “Performance Specification”.

The following information describes the TIS Case Study which generated the resulting TIS graphs in the left margin:  

  • The six (6) TIS case study graph tabs in the left column show undisputable energy cost savings and increased operational efficiency as (3) XL-3D-480V modules connected to a 500 HP DC induction motor load were switched ON and OFF in 5 minute increments.
  • The six (6) TIS graph results were recorded by a TIS data logging meter whose test probes (voltage and current transducers) were connected to 3-phase 480V 800A conductors on the load side of the Motor Control.
  • The XL breaker subpanel and (3) XL modules are 20’ away from the Motor Controller which is 20’ away from the 500 HP DC Motor load.
  • The MDP 800A main breaker for the 500 HP Motor is located in the electrical room 200’ away from the Motor Controller and (3) XL modules.