The XL mechanism for power factor correction of inductive circuits and loads is the introduction of resultant leading amperage generated by the transformer action of XL Chokes from the other phases. 

  • This amperage enters each phase from the other phases through the particular orientation of XL coil windings in the Chokes and Reactors.
  • The amperage generated in XL devises leads the source voltage by 95° degrees, which cannot be achieved by capacitors.  XL technology is superior to capacitors for power factor correction because the small, reactive amperage corrects by more than 90° degrees.
  • XL Systems are passive and do not create RLC resonance, the leading Power Factor which is induced every 1/2 cycle will have no effect on the performance or reliability of motors, equipment and sensitive machines.

In practice, an XL 480V 3-Phase Delta module will correct power factor by injecting leading amperage of 32 Amps into each phase.  To maximize I2R savings (power loss in conductors) and load protection, its best to locate XL modules close to large inductive loads.  However, location is not too critical because the small capacitive leading amperage will eventually cancel out inductive amperage somewhere in the electrical system.  

See this Power Factor TIS Graph Link to further understand how XL Systems improve Power Factor by reducing Apparent Power (KVA), Reactive Power (KVAR) and Current (Amps).