XL Systems Increase the Operational Efficiency of Inductive Loads

XL Systems increase the operational efficiency of inductive circuits and connected inductive equipment loads where electricity circulates through wound or coiled wire which cause 90-degree phase shifts between voltage and amperage. Inductive loads include generators, motors, relays, solenoids, transformers, etc.

Inductive loads require Reactive Power (kVAR) to operate; this non-working power counteracts Real Power (kW) in electrical circuits. Resistive loads on the other hand cause no phase shifts between voltage and amperage as they consume 100% of supplied Real Power (kW) to perform work.

Unlike inductive loads which require Reactive Power (kVAR) to operate, like electric motors, where power is wasted on the process of magnetizing motor cores while the remaining Real Power (kW) performs work.

See this Reactive Power (VAR) TIS Graph Link to understand how XL Systems generate Reactive Power KVAR for downstream magnetizing inductive loads while displacing and therefore reducing comparable Reactive Power kVAR demand upstream at the utility billing meter.