The XL-Series product technology employs patented self-healing magnetic chokes and metal oxide varistors (MOV) as its two forms of surge and spike protection.  The term, self-healing, means that most current and voltage transients are reduced via magnetic phase balancing rather than dissipation via MOV components.  The immediate benefit to XL customers is continuous protection of connected capital equipment loads and other investments.  

A surge is any voltage increase lasting 3 or more nanoseconds.  A spike is any voltage increase lasting less than 3 nanoseconds.  

XL Surge & Spike Protection Circuitry

XL Systems detect any surge or spike traveling along one of the active phases and shunts it to the other two phases.  From there, the transformer/choke sets within each XL module attenuate the surge/spike through the action of the "chokes", which use capacitors and inductors to resist the change in voltage and associated change in current and flatten out the waveform.

A portion of the Surges & Spikes are absorbed and converted into "Usable Power" which is injected back into the electrical system as safe usable power to be used by downstream loads.

When XL "Wye" modules are specified on Main Distribution Panels (MDP) at service entrance(s), the electrical systems are protected against ground fault transients and/or secondary lightning strike effects which can enter the facility through neutral conductors.