XL Systems reduce transients, line noise and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in amperage and voltage signals through chokes and 60 Hz band-pass Filters before they reach operational loads. This action reduces THD voltage and current signals which has a positive impact on motors and other sensitive equipment, thus increasing motor efficiency.

XL Systems attenuate many inefficiencies and problems associated with THD, including:

  • Excessive Neutral Currents, where voltage harmonics result in additional current on the circuit neutral conductor, resulting in additional heat, possible overloading and the need to install additional neutral conductors.
  • Overheated transformers, where harmonics generated on the secondary side of a delta-wye transformer will circulate on the primary side of the transformer. Some types of transformer losses, such as skin losses and eddy currents will increase by the square of the harmonic order.
  • Overheated solenoid coils and lighting ballasts.
  • Positive, negative and zero sequence voltages on motors and generators, where certain harmonic frequencies will try to rotate the motor forward or backward, or simply heat up the motor.
  • Incorrect power meter readings, especially disc type watt-hour meters and averaging type current meters.
  • Failure of sensitive electronic equipment, including nuisance tripping and overload.
  • Nuisance tripping of circuit protection devices including false tripping of relays and failure of UPS devices to properly transfer.
  • Blown fuses and overheated power factor correction capacitors due to the cumulative effects of harmonic THD and RLC resonance.