Underwriter Laboratory's (UL) characterized the XL-Series product technology from quantifiable electrical measurements they obtained during field and bench testing.

  1. Reduce kW Demand (Watts)
  2. Reduce kWh Consumption (Watts/Hr)
  3. Reduces Current (Amps) on conductor lines
  4. Corrects Power Factor
  5. Attenuates Voltage Surges and Spikes
  6. Improves Voltage Regulation
  7. Helps to Balance Loads on Conductor Phases
  8. Reduces Current (Amps) on Phase Conductors and Neutral
  9. Reduces Line-Transmitted and Motor / Appliance Generated Noise
  10. Reduces Total Harmonic Current Contents (THD)
  11. Reduces Magnetic Fields or Reactive Power (VAR)