• XL-Series products require no maintenance during normal facility operations.  

In the event an XL module sacrifices an MOV or 2 when attenuating damaging voltage or current spikes or surges above operational thresholds in order to protect the electrical system and connected loads, then blown MOV’s will have to be replaced. 

Blowing an MOV is a non-warranty event because the XL module performed as it should. In these cases, the XL module is shipped back to POWERGEN or Manufacturer for testing and MOV replacement. The cost for MOV work and parts can be about the same as the FedEx shipping cost in most situations. 

  • XL Series modules have a life expectancy of at least 18-20 years with 0% performance degradation. 
  • XL-Series modules can be installed in harsh industrial environments and in adverse weather conditions.
  • XL-Series products have a 3 year warranty from manufacturer which POWERGEN extends for an additional two (2) years.  The total warranty period is 5 years from the date POWERGEN commissions each installed XL module.
  • This 5 year warranty also includes previously installed CMES System customers.