XL Systems are scalable in terms of matching energy conservation performance to specific electrical and operational conditions of any facility type and size.

As more XL modules are connected together in parallel to facility electrical systems the greater the reductions in kW demand, kWh consumption, kVAR reactive power, kVA apparent power and amperage (AMPS) all of which helps to decrease energy costs in electric bills.

POWERGEN designs and configures optimal XL Systems for customers based on their unique electrical and operational conditions, inductive loads and facility run-time. The primary objective for any XL System is to obtain maximum reductions in energy cost for the shortest ROI payback period.

Over configured XL Systems have costly diminishing returns due to excess performance capacity while under configured XL Systems are less than optimal.

Whether you have a Fortune 500 facility operating 24x7 with several 480V services sized for operational loads of 4000 Amps per service or a smaller facility operating 8x5 with a single 480V service sized for an operational load of 2000 Amps, POWERGEN can configure a beneficial XL System to meet your facility’s unique operational and electrical conditions.

The pics below illustrate the scalability of a few customer installations.