XL Systems comprised of multiple modules reduce reactive power (VAR) in facility electrical systems in a passive resonance free manner. 

  • Reducing reactive power (VAR) in facility electrical systems has a beneficial cascading effect, including a corresponding decrease in apparent power (VA) on the circuit which decreases amperage (Amps) on the circuit which results in a decrease in real power demand (KW) as a result of reduced "Copper Losses" on the circuit.
  • Reducing reactive Power (VAR) also acts to "stiffen" the circuit by reducing overall circuit impedance.  A "stiff" circuit will reduce the creation of voltage harmonic distortion as a result of amperage harmonics.  Facility equipment and motors run cooler and last longer.

XL-Series model units continuously reduce reactive power (VAR) every ½ cycle in 60-Hz AC systems as outlined in the reactive power (VAR) reduction specification table below:  


  • 44,000 VAR per XL-3D-600V Model Unit
  • 32,000 VAR per XL-3Y-600V Model Unit
  • 29,000 VAR per XL-3D-480V Model Unit
  • 19,000 VAR per XL-3Y-480V Model Unit
  • 10,000 VAR per XL-3D-240/250V Model Unit
  • 6,000 VAR per XL-3Y-240/250V Model Unit
  • 9,000 VAR per XL-3D-208V Model Unit
  • 5,000 VAR per XL-3Y-208V Model Unit