XL Systems comprised of multiple XL-Series model units reduce amperage (AMPS) by approximately 10% to 20% which includes amperage reductions from reactive power (VAR) and harmonic amperage content of total harmonic distortion (THD).

  • XL-Series model units generate resultant leading amperage (Amps) through Electro-Magnetic Induction (EMI) and transformer-action of XL Chokes from adjacent phases and other coupled conductor phases every ½ cycle in 60-Hz AC systems.    
  • Amperage (Amps) enters each phase from the other adjacent phases and coupled conductor phases through the particular orientation of XL coil windings in the Chokes and Reactors.
  • Amperage (Amps) generated in XL modules leads the source voltage by 95° degrees which cannot be achieved by capacitors. XL technology is superior to capacitors for power factor correction because the small, reactive amperage corrects by more than 90° degrees.
  • Reducing facility operating amperage (Amps) also reduces "copper losses" and the reduction in harmonic amperage distortion improves motor efficiency and motor life.

XL-Series model units continuously reduce amperage (Amps) every ½ cycle in 60-Hz AC systems as outlined in the amperage reduction specification table below:  


  • 39 AMPS per XL-3D-600V Model Unit
  • 27 AMPS per XL-3Y-600V Model Unit
  • 32 AMPS per XL-3D-480V Model Unit
  • 23 AMPS per XL-3Y-480V Model Unit
  • 28 AMPS per XL-3D-240/250V Model Unit
  • 16 AMPS per XL-3Y-240/250V Model Unit
  • 26 AMPS per XL-3D-208V Model Unit
  • 14 AMPS per XL-3Y-208V Model Unit